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09 Oct 2016 - Yuletide 2016
partnersexual: (faith is both the prison & the open hand)
Hello, dear author! Welcome to my unused journal. I’m very excited to have you here and to know that we share a fandom.

I’m a newbie to the world of Yuletide, and very worried that I haven’t given you enough range to work with. I really want you to be happy with whatever you write, so please take these as suggestions rather than requirements.

That being said, darker stories are not usually my cup of tea and anything non-consensual is going to squick me out. In general I’d prefer to stick to the tone and style of the original series. I chose them because I love them, after all.

Amelia Peabody - Elizabeth Peters
Characters: Amelia Peabody Emerson, Radcliffe Emerson

My absolute dream fic is a story that involves a Gilbert and Sullivan operetta in some way (bonus points if you don’t use The Mikado, though I know it’s one of Amelia’s favorites.) This could be anything from a trip to the theater to Amelia dispensing lyrical wisdom, Emerson humming in the bath . . . or a featured point in a brand new mystery, large or small!

I know that this is a very strange and specific request, so let me assure you that if you can’t work G&S into your story, or if you don’t know enough about the operas to do so in more than the most general way (see: humming) that’s absolutely fine. In fact if there’s a story you’ve been longing to write for any character in this series, please do. I’ve chosen Amelia and Emerson as my characters because their relationship best represents the things I want to see in a story: humor, grit, and heartfelt but no-nonsense love.

My one caveat is that I would prefer you not focus too much on building a romance, or explicit smut. I really love all of the relationships as they played out in canon, but I also feel that as one of the primary focuses of the written series they’ve been well dealt with.

And in case “no seriously anything” isn’t helpful: Tell me more about our younger trio sneaking around behind the Emerson’s backs, or the many ways Sethos has kept an eye on the couple, or the weekly ritual that is reading (and compare/contrasting) Radcliffe and Amelia’s letters back in England. Or just tell me about Emerson and Amelia and one of their refreshing little debates.

Oxford Time Travel Universe - Connie Willis
Characters: Ned Henry, Verity Kindle

I do love the Time Travel series as a whole, but I picked Ned and Verity because their story is the most lighthearted of the bunch, and I’m in a mood for fluff. I’d love to see something fun here: Verity meeting Agatha Christie, Dorothy Sayers, or a book club of their avid fans (maybe while trying desperately to remember which stories were written when, and/or when and where she is), Ned’s further attempts to have a proper vacation (anywhere, anywhen), or more generally: any kind of holiday cheer. If you’ve read any of Connie Willis’ anthologies you know she is a master of the Christmas story, and I’d be happy to see something in her vein.

OTT can certainly get very dark, which is compounded by the author’s love of wartime stories and disasters. She breaks my heart beautifully, but I’d really prefer that you not. No character death or relationship angst if you can help it, please.

昭和元禄落語心中 | Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu
Characters: Yuurakutei Sukeroku, Kikuhiko | Yuurakutei Yakumo

And here we have the series that breaks all my request conventions. Friends, I am desperate for fix-it fic. And if that means you want to disavow canon, partially or completely . . . do what you must.

I’m not against a piece that works with canon, though. If you choose that route I know that angst and drama are baked right in. That’s fine, although I’d prefer you find a way to end on-- if not a hopeful note --at least something bittersweet. An alternative might be to write something short from a happy moment in Shin and Bon’s history. I would be fine with sacrificing length for this.

I’m also really fascinated by the theater as a lifestyle, the whole idea of taking on so many roles, and what that means for how they observe the world and each other, and all their little tics.

This is also where I have to admit: I am 110% okay with smut if that’s what you want to write. A little plot would be most welcome, but as long as it’s emotional and introspective on some level, do whatever you desire. Based on his reactions to Miyokichi, I see Kikuhiko as either asexual (though not sex-repulsed) or at least not very sexually motivated, and I’d love to see that take explored. But only if it’s something you agree with. Other interpretations are equally welcome.

I’m aware that this is almost ludicrously open-ended and for that I apologize. But I love these two characters and would be happy to have anything at all written about them, ship-centric or not. But if they’re happy in it, so much the better.
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