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07 Jan 2017 - Chocolate Box 2017
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Hello, my dear chocolatier! Thank you for joining me in whichever (fairly niche) fandom we've matched on. I'm very excited to see what you come up with, be it fic or art. I've compiled a few suggestions and DNWs, hope they're not too restrictive ♥

Favorite Tropes

Domesticity & Established Relationships • Introspection • Bickering & Repartee • Stories-Within-Stories • Historical Details • Screwball • Adventures & Mishaps • Gap-Fillers & Epilogues • (Mitigated) Angst • Fix-It

Please Avoid

Rape/Noncon • Non-Canonical Character Death • Gore • Alternate Universe Settings • Smut with no build-up (PWP*) • (Unmitigated) Angst*

*Because your fic only needs to be 300 words total, I've removed PWP and Angst from my official list of  DNWs on AO3. Keep in mind, but don't worry too much!


昭和元禄落語心中 (Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu)

Kikuhiko/Sukeroku: The relationship between these two is the epicenter of the Rakugo story for me, and I love how their characters compare and contrast against each other. Cheating a bit, but since I requested this pair for Yuletide too I'm just going to quote myself: Friends, I am desperate for fix-it fic. And if that means you want to disavow canon, partially or completely . . . do what you must.

I’m not against a piece that works with canon, though. If you choose that route I know that angst and drama are baked right in. That’s fine, although I’d prefer you find a way to end on-- if not a hopeful note --at least something bittersweet. An alternative might be to focus on a happy moment in Shin and Bon’s history.

I’m also really fascinated by the theater as a lifestyle, the whole idea of taking on so many roles, and what that means for how they observe the world and each other, and all their little tics.

Miyokichi/Kikuhiko/Sukeroku: One can't disregard the effect that Miyokichi has on these two! And yes, you could argue that she's destructive influence. But I would say that she has got nothing on Kikuhiko. In fact, their inability to deal with their shared relationship is a part of the joy (pain?) of watching all three of our MCs revolve around each other.

But I would also dearly love to see a scene from a world where they sorted a relationship out, all three of them together. Or a canon-leaning moment where they almost made it work, for that matter.

As a character, Miyokichi feels like much more of a cypher than the others to me. Or at least, we don't spend as much time with her. I would welcome a piece that gets into her head and her history a little more too.

I've also requested both of the above pairings as gen, and would love something non-shippy just as much as something more explicit or romantic.

The Watchmaker of Filigree Street

Keita Mori/Thaniel Steepleton: I read Watchmaker with such an ache in my heart, wanting Mori to get the future he seemed to have already given up on. I love both of them and how self-controlled they are, how they make the extraordinary almost ordinary, and how good they clearly are for each other.

I would love to see some serious domesticity here, set after or during the events of the book. I'm especially intrigued by the idea of Mori writing down special things that Thaniel avoided "so he can still get credit." If you want to get them out of the house, Mori's feelings on Englishmen (and their feelings on him) always amuse me. Or maybe find a way for Thaniel and Kieta to go to Japan some day, and what would that be like for both of them? This is also the one pairing I'd break my "no AUs" rule for, because I can't stop wondering how they could have met and gotten together in other worlds, with or without their respective, ah, interesting ways of seeing the world.

Grace Carrow/Akira Matsumoto: I don't think Grace is a bad person. She has far less understanding of Mori than Thaniel and the readers are granted, and that leads her to some horrible, but not entirely unjustified, misconceptions and decisions. I don't like what she does in the story. But I want to see her story, her life, outside of this. A moment back in university, or her future with Akira, who I think would actually be good for her. Travel could definitely be a big part of this too, or science vs. poetry, or family-- because you know both their families will have Opinions with a capital O.

Keita Mori & Thaniel Steepleton & Grace Carrow: This is kind of a combo of everything I've said above. I love all of these characters, and even though their dynamic as a "friendly" threesome is rocky (in the "ships could get dashed to pieces on these rocks" way) I really enjoyed watching it. The scene at Grace and Thaniel's house was one of my favorites, and another moment from the engagement period would definitely interest me. But so would seeing Grace's path cross with the pair some day in the future, under better (though possibly still tense and awkward) circumstances.

Again, I've also requested Grace and Akira as gen too because I don't need something romance-focused to love these characters! I would have done the same for Thaniel and Mori, but the tagset did not provide. (Also please don't take this as a sign that I don't love Katsu! Happy to see him put in an appearance.)


Two quick notes on this one. First -- The Plug: Tremontaine is a collaborative serial story set in the world of Ellen Kushner's classic queer-fantasy series, Riverside-- best known for Swordspoint. Kushner is one of nine authors involved, and most of the writing is very good. This is an updated take on the world that includes far more varied characters and relationships while retaining the political intrigue and parlor drama feel of the original. And as far as I can tell, to date it's gotten a shocking lack of attention in fandom. You can read it here.

Second -- The Confession: I myself am behind on this series. I devoured Season One, but haven't found time for S2 yet. As such, my comments and prompts may well be . . . behind the times. Consider them a request for a missing scene from s1, or follow your heart and do something that relates to s2. It's my goal to be caught up by the time chocolate box is over.

Rafe Fenton/William Tremontaine: I really enjoy these two, but the downside of following such a large cast is that I feel like we're missing big chunks of their love story. In particular, we heard so little about why Will fell for Rafe! Given his history of monogamy, I feel like there must have been a lot of tension under the surface there, and a lot more leading up to the moment when he broke with Diane too. If that's too much of a character study for you, I'd also love to see more moments when these two were alone together under any circumstances.

Ixkaab Balam/Tess: Again, I just want more of this relationship. I feel like we do get into Tess and Kaab's heads a little more equally, but I would love to see more of their downtime, typical days in Riverside, more learning about each other, and lots of Tess being just as capable and smart as Kaab. (More of Vincent and Tess' other neighbors commenting on their relationship!)

Rafe Fenton & Micah Heslop & Ixkaab Balam: The friendship between these three made me so happy. There must have been such a wealth of trouble for them to get into out in the City when not embroiled in the drama of the main plot.

(I do feel a little hamstrung on this request because I'm not caught up and relationships have just shifted. uh. dramatically. So I may come back to this and add more thoughts if I read quickly.)

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