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17 Sep 2017 - Trick or Treat 2017
partnersexual: (nothing more than just tomorrow)

Trick or Treat! I'm breaking up my requests a little differently for this exchange. My DNWs and desires are dependent on the original canon, and easier to talk about one-on-one, as it were.

Sleep No More

Bargarran, Fulton, Lady Macduff, Porter, Boy Witch

Because of the unique nature of this show, some of my requests do fall into spoiler territory. I'll be blacking them out for you to read at your discretion. Go as dark as you want with any of these-- the show certainly allows for it. My only hard do not want for this canon is rape/noncon.

Tricks: What does the haunting enacted by the audience look like to these characters? Are their one-on-ones a moment of clarity or madness? What do the witches get out of our rapt attention?

Fulton, Lady Macduff, and Porter all give us some form of token. Bargarran goes a step further: poisoning us, or perhaps delivering an antidote. I know it's a little unorthodox but I'd love a story or picture of how that influence continues outside of the hotel. Are we carrying pieces of these looping souls with us when we leave?

Or if you prefer a little less meta, explore some relationships or flesh out the history of the hotel. All of these characters have interlocking stories that fascinate me.

My favorite take on Bargarran is a man who seems almost in love with Lady Macduff, even as he's poised to do her great harm. I also love his less than subtle war with Fulton.

Bargarran, Fulton and Porter are (or were) all mortal men working to break a cycle. All of them seem somewhat aware of being caught in an endless loop. Even in the canon of the show Bargarran and Fulton fail to enact change, devolving into a spectacular bout of violence directed at each other. Porter seems sabotaged by self-loathing. I'd love to see that explored and taken a step further-- some non-canonical moment of complete failure for any of these characters.

I'd also love to see or hear more about how the hotel's residents were caught in this snare in the first place. Porter and Boy Witch have a story that seems uniquely suited to this, but all of the characters are in the same boat (as it were.) Lady Macduff and Porter as fellow addicts could be interesting too.

Treats: A lighter take on any of the above would be considered a treat in my eyes.

Or if you are interested in writing or drawing something (comparatively!) romantic for any relationship, please do.

I also can't help but think that if these characters were able to share their one-on-one moments with each other something good might come of it. Imagine Lady Macduff and Fulton trading blessings, or bestowing a charm on the Porter. Imagine if Porter was able to give his ring to Lady Macduff, or (of course) to Boy Witch. That's only a few examples, and some other combinations could turn out very badly. I'm open to that as well.

The Parasol Protectorate
and/or Supernatural Society

Alexia Tarabotti(PP), Conall Maccon(PP), Genevieve Lefoux(PP), Imogene Hale(SS)

Note that I am lumping these characters together because what I have to say about the series as a whole is too similar to repeat. I fully understand that you may not have read Supernatural Society/Romancing the Inventor, or you may only be interested in Imogene and not Genevieve!

For these series I am only looking for a Treat, but I should stress that I love the supernatural hi-jinx in canon and am not expecting you to avoid that! But I don't want anything darker than the source material. My DNWs are Rape/Noncon, Character Death, Gore/Vore, and Angst.

Treats: I love Alexia and her take-charge attitude. Alexia vs. fashion, vs. food, vs. politics, vs. her husband, vs. octomatons (perhaps Genevieve is trying to restore their reputation in the wake of disaster?) or any combination thereof would make me very happy.

Alexia/Conall is a diehard ship of mine. I love his not-so-smooth romancing just as much as his frequent exasperation. Conall dealing with pack business or BURR business would also be delightful. But most of all I want to know what the man is like in the company of hedgehogs.

And Genevieve! Anything from tales of her youth to her pre-Imogene struggles with the vampires would be appreciated. A little non-canonical Alexia/Genevieve (or Alexia/Genevieve/Imogene for that matter) could be very nice, though I'd prefer that if Conall is mentioned at all he be aware of the situation.

Imogene I love for herself. I'm sure she'll have many further adventures-- new poets discovered, coming out to her village in some way or another, putting vampires in their place, or perhaps another trip to London and time spent with the pack. (He isn't nominated, but I her relationship with Channing makes me grin too.)

And of course I do love her with Genevieve and would happy accept any fluff or further adventures. They both deserve to be happy.

The Bedlam Stacks

Raphael, Merrick Tremayne

This is a fairly new book. Continue with caution if you haven't read the source material.

Tricks: There is such serious potential for body horror in this book if you want to align yourself with Raphael's POV. Canon describes his transition periods as a deep sleep, and says he has no idea how much time has passed. But clearly that isn't ultimately the case. What does being a fully fledged markayuq feel like? Were there other changes to his body or mind that Raphael was glossing over, and did he go through them while Merrick was around, or when he was younger, or while he's waiting in the floating city? How would all of this effect his perception of a post-canon meeting?

And of course the markayuq are terrifying as an outside force too. What else has Raphael seen happen in the forest? What might Merrick uncover post-canon?

Art-wise: I'd love to see your take on the storybook from Merrick's childhood, or the sketch of Raphael in the woods. Whatever Merrick may think I have a feeling that both were quite creepy.

Treats: Post-canon continuations would be lovely. Give me clever work-arounds to that long list of human/markayuq rules of engagement.

Pulley's writing is fabulous but she also keeps her characters deliberately opaque. Filling in the gaps will always be appreciated, or retelling a bit of the story from Raphael's point of view. At what moment did Merrick become a person to him, and not just Harry's grandson?

Or show me Raphael and Merrick returning to Bedlam after all, or going further afield to Merrick's estate. What would Saint Thomas think about all this, I wonder?

Or if you prefer to draw, I'd just love to see a visual interpretation of the characters, or any of the above ideas condensed into an image.

For this series my DNWs are: Rape/Noncon and Character Death (being differently living is obviously fine, but please don't set your story at the end of Merrick's life.)

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