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Night on Fic Mountain 2017 
15 Apr 2017
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Hello, fellow Mountaineer. (I have no idea if cute nicknames are a thing for this exchange, but they should be. We're adventurers in tiny fandoms together!) I'm very sorry that my requests weren't ready before assignments went out, but I hope this post will still be of help to you. Here's a little about my likes and dislikes:

Favorite Tropes

Domesticity & Established Relationships • Selfless Devotion • Bickering & Repartee • Stories Within Stories • Historical Details • Screwball • Slice of Life • Adventures & Mishaps • Gap-Fillers & Epilogues

Please Avoid

Rape/Noncon • Non-Canonical Character Death • Gore • Alternate Universe Settings • Smut with no build-up (PWP) • Angst


シルバー ダイヤモンド (Silver Diamond)

Senroh Chigusa/Sawa Rakan: I was so happy to see this series so well represented in requests! This is the tiny fandom of my heart. And the relationship between Rakan and Chigusa is the core of the series in my eyes. I love their trust in each other and their complementing personalities. I love Chigusa as Rakan's protector, and Rakan as Chigusa's teacher. Even when the story was at its most dramatic, these two never failed to make me smile.

I don't have any particularly complicated wishes; I just want to spend more time with them. Something post-series in Japan would be perfect. Their mutual support of each other is so important to me, so maybe a story that provides Chigusa with a chance to be more than a clueless outsider in Rakan's world?

If you never had the opportunity to read that far (and thanks as always, Tokyopop), a mid-canon outtake would be fine too. Though I'd prefer a lighter story rather than anything that focuses too much on the epic side of SD's plot. I love all the little culture-clashing grace notes we get throughout the manga, so that would be a good place to start. But really, any sweet SD fic is guaranteed to make me grin.

Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812

Natasha Rostova/Sonya Rostova: I cannot help shipping this, and I blame the level of emotion that Sonya brings to bear on every line she sings. I also haven't read the source material and (wikipedia aside) I'm flying blind on later plot developments. Honestly, I'd prefer to ignore them. Instead, I'd be very happy with something introspective that fleshes out Sonya's in-musical story-- we know she didn't notice Natasha's flirtations with Anatole, but what did she see? What is daily life like? How do two girls make fun for themselves in the midst of all that reading and knitting? Series-appropriate angst would be fine, though I'd still prefer not to have the whole story focused on Natasha's suicide attempt.

Also note: while I've nixed Alternate Universe Settings overall, I confess that a Great Comet AU appeals to me quite a lot. I would be incredibly pleased to see some kind of reimagining of the canon, be it a genre shift or a modern update. Especially if you have a ideas how this would change the plot points and potentially snowball into an entirely different endgame. Maybe the women are the soldiers? Or Natasha's not quite so innocent? Or hey, maybe she's on an even higher pedestal! I'm open to exploration here. Space Opera would likely be MY go-to, but I'm interested in whatever strikes your fancy.

ACCA 13区監察課 (ACCA: 13-Territory Inspection Dept.)

Nino/Jean Otus: I love everything about ACCA, from the glorious retro throwback feeling of the series as a whole to the slow-boiling, slice of bread life style of storytelling. But mostly, I love Nino and Jean. As you may have realized by now, I have A Thing for quiet. unshakeable, and essentially selfish devotion.

I would ask that you avoid a story set immediately post canon, if possible. We're getting a comparative lot of these in fandom right now, and this is a rare opportunity to request something else.I would love a fic dealing with Nino and Jean's lives further in the future though! If you're stuck and need a kick-off point, here are a few possibilities: Is everything as neatly finished as canon made it seem, or are further political machinations afoot? Will Nino continue to technically work for ACCA or will he need to find more actual, paying photo clients? What would Jean do if Lotta ever moved out of their apartment?

(Also note that while there are also quite a few drunken shenanigans fics, I am very much not over those. There can and should be as much food and drink in your story as you would like.)

Thank you so much for writing for me! I can't wait to see what you do.
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