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2017-04-15 02:23 pm

Night on Fic Mountain 2017

Hello, fellow Mountaineer. (I have no idea if cute nicknames are a thing for this exchange, but they should be. We're adventurers in tiny fandoms together!) I'm very sorry that my requests weren't ready before assignments went out, but I hope this post will still be of help to you. Here's a little about my likes and dislikes:

Favorite Tropes

Domesticity & Established Relationships • Selfless Devotion • Bickering & Repartee • Stories Within Stories • Historical Details • Screwball • Slice of Life • Adventures & Mishaps • Gap-Fillers & Epilogues

Please Avoid

Rape/Noncon • Non-Canonical Character Death • Gore • Alternate Universe Settings • Smut with no build-up (PWP) • Angst


シルバー ダイヤモンド (Silver Diamond)

Senroh Chigusa/Sawa Rakan: I was so happy to see this series so well represented in requests! This is the tiny fandom of my heart. And the relationship between Rakan and Chigusa is the core of the series in my eyes. I love their trust in each other and their complementing personalities. I love Chigusa as Rakan's protector, and Rakan as Chigusa's teacher. Even when the story was at its most dramatic, these two never failed to make me smile.

I don't have any particularly complicated wishes; I just want to spend more time with them. Something post-series in Japan would be perfect. Their mutual support of each other is so important to me, so maybe a story that provides Chigusa with a chance to be more than a clueless outsider in Rakan's world?

If you never had the opportunity to read that far (and thanks as always, Tokyopop), a mid-canon outtake would be fine too. Though I'd prefer a lighter story rather than anything that focuses too much on the epic side of SD's plot. I love all the little culture-clashing grace notes we get throughout the manga, so that would be a good place to start. But really, any sweet SD fic is guaranteed to make me grin.

Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812

Natasha Rostova/Sonya Rostova: I cannot help shipping this, and I blame the level of emotion that Sonya brings to bear on every line she sings. I also haven't read the source material and (wikipedia aside) I'm flying blind on later plot developments. Honestly, I'd prefer to ignore them. Instead, I'd be very happy with something introspective that fleshes out Sonya's in-musical story-- we know she didn't notice Natasha's flirtations with Anatole, but what did she see? What is daily life like? How do two girls make fun for themselves in the midst of all that reading and knitting? Series-appropriate angst would be fine, though I'd still prefer not to have the whole story focused on Natasha's suicide attempt.

Also note: while I've nixed Alternate Universe Settings overall, I confess that a Great Comet AU appeals to me quite a lot. I would be incredibly pleased to see some kind of reimagining of the canon, be it a genre shift or a modern update. Especially if you have a ideas how this would change the plot points and potentially snowball into an entirely different endgame. Maybe the women are the soldiers? Or Natasha's not quite so innocent? Or hey, maybe she's on an even higher pedestal! I'm open to exploration here. Space Opera would likely be MY go-to, but I'm interested in whatever strikes your fancy.

ACCA 13区監察課 (ACCA: 13-Territory Inspection Dept.)

Nino/Jean Otus: I love everything about ACCA, from the glorious retro throwback feeling of the series as a whole to the slow-boiling, slice of bread life style of storytelling. But mostly, I love Nino and Jean. As you may have realized by now, I have A Thing for quiet. unshakeable, and essentially selfish devotion.

I would ask that you avoid a story set immediately post canon, if possible. We're getting a comparative lot of these in fandom right now, and this is a rare opportunity to request something else.I would love a fic dealing with Nino and Jean's lives further in the future though! If you're stuck and need a kick-off point, here are a few possibilities: Is everything as neatly finished as canon made it seem, or are further political machinations afoot? Will Nino continue to technically work for ACCA or will he need to find more actual, paying photo clients? What would Jean do if Lotta ever moved out of their apartment?

(Also note that while there are also quite a few drunken shenanigans fics, I am very much not over those. There can and should be as much food and drink in your story as you would like.)

Thank you so much for writing for me! I can't wait to see what you do.
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2017-01-07 02:25 pm

Chocolate Box 2017

Hello, my dear chocolatier! Thank you for joining me in whichever (fairly niche) fandom we've matched on. I'm very excited to see what you come up with, be it fic or art. I've compiled a few suggestions and DNWs, hope they're not too restrictive ♥

Favorite Tropes

Domesticity & Established Relationships • Introspection • Bickering & Repartee • Stories-Within-Stories • Historical Details • Screwball • Adventures & Mishaps • Gap-Fillers & Epilogues • (Mitigated) Angst • Fix-It

Please Avoid

Rape/Noncon • Non-Canonical Character Death • Gore • Alternate Universe Settings • Smut with no build-up (PWP*) • (Unmitigated) Angst*

*Because your fic only needs to be 300 words total, I've removed PWP and Angst from my official list of  DNWs on AO3. Keep in mind, but don't worry too much!


昭和元禄落語心中 (Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu)

Kikuhiko/Sukeroku: The relationship between these two is the epicenter of the Rakugo story for me, and I love how their characters compare and contrast against each other. Cheating a bit, but since I requested this pair for Yuletide too I'm just going to quote myself: Friends, I am desperate for fix-it fic. And if that means you want to disavow canon, partially or completely . . . do what you must.

I’m not against a piece that works with canon, though. If you choose that route I know that angst and drama are baked right in. That’s fine, although I’d prefer you find a way to end on-- if not a hopeful note --at least something bittersweet. An alternative might be to focus on a happy moment in Shin and Bon’s history.

I’m also really fascinated by the theater as a lifestyle, the whole idea of taking on so many roles, and what that means for how they observe the world and each other, and all their little tics.

Miyokichi/Kikuhiko/Sukeroku: One can't disregard the effect that Miyokichi has on these two! And yes, you could argue that she's destructive influence. But I would say that she has got nothing on Kikuhiko. In fact, their inability to deal with their shared relationship is a part of the joy (pain?) of watching all three of our MCs revolve around each other.

But I would also dearly love to see a scene from a world where they sorted a relationship out, all three of them together. Or a canon-leaning moment where they almost made it work, for that matter.

As a character, Miyokichi feels like much more of a cypher than the others to me. Or at least, we don't spend as much time with her. I would welcome a piece that gets into her head and her history a little more too.

I've also requested both of the above pairings as gen, and would love something non-shippy just as much as something more explicit or romantic.

The Watchmaker of Filigree Street

Keita Mori/Thaniel Steepleton: I read Watchmaker with such an ache in my heart, wanting Mori to get the future he seemed to have already given up on. I love both of them and how self-controlled they are, how they make the extraordinary almost ordinary, and how good they clearly are for each other.

I would love to see some serious domesticity here, set after or during the events of the book. I'm especially intrigued by the idea of Mori writing down special things that Thaniel avoided "so he can still get credit." If you want to get them out of the house, Mori's feelings on Englishmen (and their feelings on him) always amuse me. Or maybe find a way for Thaniel and Kieta to go to Japan some day, and what would that be like for both of them? This is also the one pairing I'd break my "no AUs" rule for, because I can't stop wondering how they could have met and gotten together in other worlds, with or without their respective, ah, interesting ways of seeing the world.

Grace Carrow/Akira Matsumoto: I don't think Grace is a bad person. She has far less understanding of Mori than Thaniel and the readers are granted, and that leads her to some horrible, but not entirely unjustified, misconceptions and decisions. I don't like what she does in the story. But I want to see her story, her life, outside of this. A moment back in university, or her future with Akira, who I think would actually be good for her. Travel could definitely be a big part of this too, or science vs. poetry, or family-- because you know both their families will have Opinions with a capital O.

Keita Mori & Thaniel Steepleton & Grace Carrow: This is kind of a combo of everything I've said above. I love all of these characters, and even though their dynamic as a "friendly" threesome is rocky (in the "ships could get dashed to pieces on these rocks" way) I really enjoyed watching it. The scene at Grace and Thaniel's house was one of my favorites, and another moment from the engagement period would definitely interest me. But so would seeing Grace's path cross with the pair some day in the future, under better (though possibly still tense and awkward) circumstances.

Again, I've also requested Grace and Akira as gen too because I don't need something romance-focused to love these characters! I would have done the same for Thaniel and Mori, but the tagset did not provide. (Also please don't take this as a sign that I don't love Katsu! Happy to see him put in an appearance.)


Two quick notes on this one. First -- The Plug: Tremontaine is a collaborative serial story set in the world of Ellen Kushner's classic queer-fantasy series, Riverside-- best known for Swordspoint. Kushner is one of nine authors involved, and most of the writing is very good. This is an updated take on the world that includes far more varied characters and relationships while retaining the political intrigue and parlor drama feel of the original. And as far as I can tell, to date it's gotten a shocking lack of attention in fandom. You can read it here.

Second -- The Confession: I myself am behind on this series. I devoured Season One, but haven't found time for S2 yet. As such, my comments and prompts may well be . . . behind the times. Consider them a request for a missing scene from s1, or follow your heart and do something that relates to s2. It's my goal to be caught up by the time chocolate box is over.

Rafe Fenton/William Tremontaine: I really enjoy these two, but the downside of following such a large cast is that I feel like we're missing big chunks of their love story. In particular, we heard so little about why Will fell for Rafe! Given his history of monogamy, I feel like there must have been a lot of tension under the surface there, and a lot more leading up to the moment when he broke with Diane too. If that's too much of a character study for you, I'd also love to see more moments when these two were alone together under any circumstances.

Ixkaab Balam/Tess: Again, I just want more of this relationship. I feel like we do get into Tess and Kaab's heads a little more equally, but I would love to see more of their downtime, typical days in Riverside, more learning about each other, and lots of Tess being just as capable and smart as Kaab. (More of Vincent and Tess' other neighbors commenting on their relationship!)

Rafe Fenton & Micah Heslop & Ixkaab Balam: The friendship between these three made me so happy. There must have been such a wealth of trouble for them to get into out in the City when not embroiled in the drama of the main plot.

(I do feel a little hamstrung on this request because I'm not caught up and relationships have just shifted. uh. dramatically. So I may come back to this and add more thoughts if I read quickly.)

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2016-10-09 07:43 pm

Yuletide 2016

Hello, dear author! Welcome to my unused journal. I’m very excited to have you here and to know that we share a fandom.

I’m a newbie to the world of Yuletide, and very worried that I haven’t given you enough range to work with. I really want you to be happy with whatever you write, so please take these as suggestions rather than requirements.

That being said, darker stories are not usually my cup of tea and anything non-consensual is going to squick me out. In general I’d prefer to stick to the tone and style of the original series. I chose them because I love them, after all.

Amelia Peabody - Elizabeth Peters
Characters: Amelia Peabody Emerson, Radcliffe Emerson

My absolute dream fic is a story that involves a Gilbert and Sullivan operetta in some way (bonus points if you don’t use The Mikado, though I know it’s one of Amelia’s favorites.) This could be anything from a trip to the theater to Amelia dispensing lyrical wisdom, Emerson humming in the bath . . . or a featured point in a brand new mystery, large or small!

I know that this is a very strange and specific request, so let me assure you that if you can’t work G&S into your story, or if you don’t know enough about the operas to do so in more than the most general way (see: humming) that’s absolutely fine. In fact if there’s a story you’ve been longing to write for any character in this series, please do. I’ve chosen Amelia and Emerson as my characters because their relationship best represents the things I want to see in a story: humor, grit, and heartfelt but no-nonsense love.

My one caveat is that I would prefer you not focus too much on building a romance, or explicit smut. I really love all of the relationships as they played out in canon, but I also feel that as one of the primary focuses of the written series they’ve been well dealt with.

And in case “no seriously anything” isn’t helpful: Tell me more about our younger trio sneaking around behind the Emerson’s backs, or the many ways Sethos has kept an eye on the couple, or the weekly ritual that is reading (and compare/contrasting) Radcliffe and Amelia’s letters back in England. Or just tell me about Emerson and Amelia and one of their refreshing little debates.

Oxford Time Travel Universe - Connie Willis
Characters: Ned Henry, Verity Kindle

I do love the Time Travel series as a whole, but I picked Ned and Verity because their story is the most lighthearted of the bunch, and I’m in a mood for fluff. I’d love to see something fun here: Verity meeting Agatha Christie, Dorothy Sayers, or a book club of their avid fans (maybe while trying desperately to remember which stories were written when, and/or when and where she is), Ned’s further attempts to have a proper vacation (anywhere, anywhen), or more generally: any kind of holiday cheer. If you’ve read any of Connie Willis’ anthologies you know she is a master of the Christmas story, and I’d be happy to see something in her vein.

OTT can certainly get very dark, which is compounded by the author’s love of wartime stories and disasters. She breaks my heart beautifully, but I’d really prefer that you not. No character death or relationship angst if you can help it, please.

昭和元禄落語心中 | Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu
Characters: Yuurakutei Sukeroku, Kikuhiko | Yuurakutei Yakumo

And here we have the series that breaks all my request conventions. Friends, I am desperate for fix-it fic. And if that means you want to disavow canon, partially or completely . . . do what you must.

I’m not against a piece that works with canon, though. If you choose that route I know that angst and drama are baked right in. That’s fine, although I’d prefer you find a way to end on-- if not a hopeful note --at least something bittersweet. An alternative might be to write something short from a happy moment in Shin and Bon’s history. I would be fine with sacrificing length for this.

I’m also really fascinated by the theater as a lifestyle, the whole idea of taking on so many roles, and what that means for how they observe the world and each other, and all their little tics.

This is also where I have to admit: I am 110% okay with smut if that’s what you want to write. A little plot would be most welcome, but as long as it’s emotional and introspective on some level, do whatever you desire. Based on his reactions to Miyokichi, I see Kikuhiko as either asexual (though not sex-repulsed) or at least not very sexually motivated, and I’d love to see that take explored. But only if it’s something you agree with. Other interpretations are equally welcome.

I’m aware that this is almost ludicrously open-ended and for that I apologize. But I love these two characters and would be happy to have anything at all written about them, ship-centric or not. But if they’re happy in it, so much the better.
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2013-05-28 10:33 pm

(no subject)


I am no longer active in the RP community, but here's a little history lesson! PSLs always possible.


Ahiru Lady Alexia Maccon Dr. Julian Bashir Bela Brainiac 5 {Legion of Super-Heroes reboot}
Brainy {Legion of Super Heroes tv} Daisy, Daisy Adair Doumeki Shizuka Drusilla Fushimi Saruhiko
Gareki Hali Kang Isaki Ryuu F. Kazuhiko Koganei Keitarou
Mogami Kyoko Mihashi Ren Nezumi Polly Oliver/Oliver Perks Rainbow Dash
Sawa Rakan Himura Rikuou Noyamano Ringo Ougi Takaya Kaburagi T. Kotetsu {WILD TIGER}
Kinomoto Toya Tsuzuki Asato Yoi-te Giou Yuki N/A

Ryuu F. Kazuhiko @ CRUCIBLE Ougi Takaya @ WONDERLAND WARS Charity {Ahiru} @ AATHER Giou Yuki @ C5 Gareki @ ENRICHMENT CENTER

crucible wonderland

aather compound



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2012-12-03 01:22 am

Holiday BPAL

Hurrah for holiday packages! I am very bad at home-making things in time for the season, but I thought maybe a few of you might be tempted by perfume?

So here is how this will work: I have 85 unwanted BPAL imps right now. Anything on this list that's been marked with an unfilled star (☆) is up for grabs, whether it's LE or GC.

If you're okay with anything, just leave your address in this screened post. If you're already a collector and want something specific, give me a list of your top 5-10 gift wishes. I don't know how many people are going to be interested or how much overlap there could be, but I'll try to make sure everyone gets something they really wanted.

And if you really don't want perfume, I will send you a card instead :(
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2011-10-21 03:33 am
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✮ BPAL reviews


( ☆ ) manhattan
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( ☼ ) snake oil (2006)
( ☆ ) vixen
( ) ether
( ✮ ) embalming fluid
( ☆ ) burial
( ✮ ) horreur sympathique
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( ✮ ) debauchery
( ☆ ) dragon's musk
( ✮ ) bien loin d'ici
( ☄ ) grandmother of ghosts
( ✮ ) chimera
( ☆ ) vice ®
( ✮ ) laudanum
( ) bordello
( ✮ ) kuang shi
( ☆ ) polyhymnia
( ☆ ) lust
( ) fae
( ) phoenix steamworks
( ) miskatonic university
( ✮ ) black lily
( ✮ ) tamora
( ☼ ) kill-devil
( ) eclipse
( ✮ ) dian's bud
( ☼ ) feast of the greatly revered ones
( ) mother shub's spiced lait de chevre
( ☼ ) glukuprikos
( ☼ ) klara (1cm full)
( ☼ ) the nutcracker (1cm full)
( ✮ ) waltz of the snowflakes
( ☆ ) black annis
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( ✮ ) rumpelstilzchen
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( ✮ ) the jersey devil
( ☆ ) milk chocolate matcha green tea ganache truffle
( ☼ ) asp viper
( ✮ ) ranger
( ☄ ) chaotic
( ☆ ) bastet
( ✮ ) the red queen
( ✮ ) the dormouse
( ☼ ) aurues
( ☼ ) motley
( ☆ ) the clock strikes midnight
( ✮ ) harlequin and columbine
( ☼ ) el dia de los reyes (2009) (+ imp)
( ☆ ) yule cat
( ☼ ) the forbidden foyer
( ☆ ) dance of the mirlitons
( ☆ ) the chinese dance
( ✮ ) the spanish dance
( ☆ ) dove's heart
( ) dirty
( ) the sailing stones of death valley
( ) all in the golden afternoon
( ) blood pearl
( ☆ ) jezirat al tennyn
( ✮ ) y'ha-nthlei
( ✮ ) endymion
( ) epitaph
( ✮ ) jabberwocky
( ) dragon's blood
( ✮ ) osun
( ) the antikythera mechanism
( ✮ ) ochosi
( ☆ ) magdalene
( ☄ ) opium poppy
( ☆ ) house of night
( ✮ ) defututa
( ☼ ) mistletoe
( ) rapunzel
( ✮ ) les infortunes de la virtu
( ✮ ) libertine
( ) the phantom wooer
( ) paris
( ✮ ) ouija
( ☄ ) port-au-prince
( ✮ ) hemlock
( ✮ ) the little wooden doll
( ☆ ) french love
( ☆ ) violet ray
( ✮ ) dragon's milk
( ✮ ) sin
( ☆ ) devil's claw
( ) old scratch
( ☼ ) the rat king (2005)
( ☆ ) akuma
( ☆ ) undertow
( ✮ ) love-lies-bleeding
( ✮ ) cold moon
( ☆ ) nosferatu
( ✮ ) death on a pale horse
( ☼ ) centzon totochtin (1cm full)
( ☆ ) depraved
( ✮ ) dee
( ✮ ) the high priest not to be described
( ) the isles of demons
( ☼ ) michtecacihuatl
( ☆ ) kathmandu
( ✮ ) the tree of the knowledge of good and evil
( ☄ ) athens
( ✮ ) blood kiss
( ✮ ) titania
( ☆ ) florence
( ✮ ) empyreal mist
( ✮ ) the coil
( ✮ ) black forest
( ☆ ) al-azif
( ✮ ) death cap
( ☼ ) the organ grinder
( ☼ ) monarch
( ) the great sword of war
( ✮ ) magus
( ✮ ) brisingamen
( ) harlot
( ) ghosts of the arroyo seco bridge
( ☄/Ω ) mahana
( ☼ ) port royal
( ) swank
( ✮ ) pomegranate V
( ☆ ) leanan sidhe
( ☆ ) cthulhu
( ☆ ) mr edward hyde
( ☆ ) dragon's eye
( ☆ ) bijoux y'ha nthlei
( ✮ ) misericordia
( ✮ ) eos
( ✮ ) salome
( ☆ ) pomegranate III
( ☄/Ω ) doll's eye infused honey
( ) juke joint
( ✮ ) eau de ghoul
( ☆ ) aquarius 2007
( ☆ ) the last of the spirits
( ✮ ) pepper
( ✮ ) la fee verte
( ☆ ) kostnice
( ☆ ) medea
( ✮ ) hetairae
( ✮ ) whoop
( ☆ ) yorick
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( ✮ ) white chocolate martini
( ☆ ) haunted
( ☆ ) the cracked bell
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( ✮ ) black hellbore
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( ✮ ) horrid mysteries
( ☆ ) tisiphone
( ☆ ) thanatopsis
( ☆ ) the death of sardanapal
( ✮ ) nostrum remedium
( ✮ ) darkness
( ✮ ) countess willie
( ✮ ) the last unicorn
( ✮ ) hell's belle
( ☆ ) pele
( ☆ ) blood amber
( ✮ ) anne beany
( ✮ ) rose red
( ☆ ) rhinotoros
( ☆ ) amsterdam
( ✮ ) casanova
( ☆ ) fallen
( ☆ ) villain
( ☄/Ω ) brood xix
( ☆ ) pussy
( ☆ ) purple spotted swallowtail
( ☆ ) galvanic goggles
( ☆ ) herr drosselmeyer
( ☆ ) iago
( ✮ ) properity of a country
( ✮ ) transeo
( ✮ ) slaugh
( ☆ ) segnior dildo
( ✮ ) ave maria gratia plena
( ✮ ) odin
( ☆ ) manila
( ✮ ) the hamptons
( ✮ ) envy
( ✮ ) kataniya, the clockwork woman
( ☆ ) sarah
( ) midnight kiss
( ☆ ) the hag
( ✮ ) the snow maiden
( ) andreiphontes
( ☆ ) needlework
( ✮ ) dark chocolate whiskey and cognac truffle
( ✮ ) unveiled
( ✮ ) labores solis
( ✮ ) the creeping mist
( ☆ ) spirits of the dead
( ✮ ) peony moon
( ) butter rum cookie
( ☆ ) grog
( ☆ ) highwayman (reserved for telly)
( ☆ ) eshe, a vision of life-in-death
( ✮ ) lear
( ☆ ) milk chocolate, coconut, cardamom, rum, and ginger truffle
( ✮ ) mr. croup
( ✮ ) ded moroz
( ) fruitcake
( ☆ ) the byronic antihero
( ☆ ) midnight bell
( ✮ ) vechernyaya
( ✮ ) egle
( ✮ ) bedbug
( ☆ ) the waltz of the flowers
( ☼ ) autumn cider
( ☆ ) tis the voice of the lobster
( ✮ ) the black rider
( ☆ ) hypothermia
( ☆ ) poisoned apple
( ☆ ) enyalios (reserved for telly)
( ☆ ) autumn moon of the mirror stand
( ☆ ) enkhespalos
( ☆ ) diable en boîte
( ☆ ) luperci
( ✮ ) interfector
( ☆ ) the first of the three spirits
( ☆ ) beanman & beanwoman prepare to attack the vagina
( ☆ ) bat of health
( ☆ ) ghoul hooligan
( ☆ ) host of the air
( ✮ ) thoos
( ✮ ) old man ackerman's instructional toys
( ☆ ) the shadowy and the sublime
( ✮ ) marotte
( ☆ ) hellion
( ✮ ) cerberus
( ☆ ) picture book and pleasure toys
( ✮ ) autumn and winter
( ☆ ) gunpowder
( ☆ ) follow me boy
( ☆ ) ogygia
( ✮ ) tombstone
( ☆ ) krampuslaufen
( ✮ ) the mahogany tree
( ☆ ) yule cookies
( ✮ ) gingerbread zombi
( ✮ ) gingerbread satyr
( ☆ ) chanukkiyah 2013
( ✮ ) gingerbread troll
( ☆ ) braving the ice
( ☆ ) the visionary
( ☆ ) titan toadstools and leprous fire
( ✮ ) like brooms of steel
( ✮ ) death's second self
( ☄/Ω ) gingerbread snake
( ☼ ) gingerbread villain
( ☆ ) days of winter sunshine
( ☆ ) mother shub's squamous sea salt caramel cookies®
( ☄/Ω ) nuclear winter 2013
( ✮ ) a low candle-lit room
( ☆ ) old keturah zadok's cranberry cider
( ✮ ) whispers of monstrous things
( ✮ ) eve
( ☆ ) the lotus tree
( ☆ ) hymn
( ✮ ) dia de los muertos(276)

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